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David Enaud - The DI'm David, born in May '73 in the South of France.

It was on an evening out with friends that I discovered the guitar and my passion for it never left me since.

In 2009 I started "The D" project- encouraged by my friends from the group "Ninetyeleven". Like all musicans I'm inspired by own favourite groups- especially Megadeth ( a fav since I was a teen), Propellerheads, Epica, Jeff Beck, Joe Satriani etc...

I really love to mix classical , oriental, rock and Metal sounds together- so this was the inspiration for the title of my first album "Amalgame". My 2nd album "Fusion" is a continuation of this- though with a more complex and softer sound.

In 2012 I brought out a 5 track EP entitled "My Nightmare" – which has a much more energetic edge. Being a big fan of film sound tracks, I like to give every piece of my music it's own "atmosphere" which the titles sum up.

So... Warning! Music does not contain carbon monoxide and causes no serious risks to your health!

Consume as much as you like!

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